Effective assisted bathing

assisted bathing is an important part of hygiene and work safety, especially in hospitals where spread of disease and viruses are a very real possibility. It also makes cleaning and bathing patients easier and less stressful on the body for the people caring for the patient. It helps make sure that work-related injuries are less likely to happen and makes it easier to properly clean up patients. There are various products that fit in the description of "Assisted bathing", such as shower trolleys, shower chairs, bathtubs and even bathtubs that are specifically made to help treat burn victims. Shower trolleys are mainly used to transport patients and help them get into the shower, as are shower chairs. The bathtubs made for assisted bathing on the other hand are designed and equipped to make sure that the bathing and cleaning is done with less trouble and more safely for both parties.

Where to get them?

Assisted bathing products cannot be purchased just anywhere but rather by manufacturers such as TR Equipment whom make a wide variety of equipment for hospitals and elderly homes. They offer products with good longevity and quality at a low cost of ownership. Of course, none of these things can be bought by private people and are meant only for companies and hospitals. There's a constant need for new assisted bathing products all around the world, as old are replaced and new hospitals and homes are built and thus require new bathtubs, trolleys and so forth​​.